Get A Fucking Job, Switching From Mainstream to XXX

RUBYLYNNE, OREGON Twitter: @RubyLynne50; StripChat: RubyLynne

As far back as she can remember, RubyLynne always wanted to be in adult entertainment. This spunky MILF minx is a social worker by day, who cams at night with her loving partner Rex. The relative newcomer shares her journey and tells us her European fans can’t get enough hot foot action.

HUSTLER: Who were you before adult entertainment?

RUBYLYNNE: Actually Rex and I both work full-time and do adult as our second business. I’m a social worker, so I’m college-educated but didn’t enroll until I was in my 40s.

And before that? Stay-at-home mom. Single mom, doing odd jobs. I’ve been a personal
trainer; I’ve managed gyms; I’ve worked in the school system. I’ve al- ways had an entrepreneurial side to me, so while I was raising my kids, I did lots of, you know, MLM-type things [multilevel marketing].

How did you negotiate this major life decision? I’ve been with my husband now for 13 years, and he’s my rock. My adult entertainment career started in the fall of 2019, when we needed some extra income. I got into some Facebook group about selling panties, and that was my first foray into adult work. I eventually started doing custom clips, and it kind of just morphed from there. But I didn’t really treat it like a business; it was more of a whim. And I really wanted to bring my husband in as a full partner. I kept reading about live cams and decided to give it a try. The rest is history!

How would you describe yourself as a performer? Live camming is our main focus. We want to show people how you can be in this business—still love each other and have fun. One thing we always say is how we’re the Sonny and Cher of Stripchat. We use a lot of comedy in our shows, there are always bloopers, and we share those with our view- ers. We want people to feel secure in their bodies—because at our age? We have scars, we have stretch marks, and that’s okay. Mature is sexy.

I probably had some trepidations about my body, because it's not perfect. But the way were received on cam...just blew us away! - RubyLynne

Did you have any concerns about going into adult? We’ve been into the swing lifestyle ever since we first got together. One of our kinks is to be watched, and I think camming gave us the opportunity to fulfill that kink while also making some income, having fun and building relationships. I probably had some trepidations about my body, because it’s not perfect. But the way we were received on cam just... blew us away. That was very good for my self-esteem. What I appreciate about this business is that it’s so accepting of all body sizes and styles. It’s refreshing.

Have you always been interested in porn, or was it a recent discovery?
It’s funny you mention that, because when I was younger, in my teens, I was quite heavy. I was basically morbidly obese my entire life. But I would always say that if I had the body, I would be a stripper. In my 30s I lost a significant amount of weight— and got divorced, which helps [laughing]. For my 40th I wanted to go dance in a strip club, so all my girlfriends and I went out on a Sunday to amateur night, and I made $70 in just two dances. And ever since then, in the back of my head, I would think about how I wanted to work in the adult entertainment industry. I’m kind of realizing some dreams!

How do you manage two careers at once, both as a social worker and performer?
It’s not always easy. There are definitely days where you just want to crawl into bed, but I think we both have a vi- sion of what we want this to be. Working from home for my day job definitely makes it easier. I also do meal prep on Sundays so that we don’t have to think about cooking. We have a routine: Rex gets home, hops in the shower, I put our meals together, we eat, and then we’re on cam. It’s quite a schedule.

And what have you learned about yourself, sexually or otherwise? I’ve discovered more self-love. It gave me something I had been missing all these years because of weight issues and life in general. It boosted my self-esteem—and you’re not going to be everyone’s cup of tea. God knows there are the trolls, on cam or on social media, but that’s not the ma- jority. I love myself more. I love myself better. I accept myself.

You genuinely love it—that much is obvious from your output. My dream is to quit the day job and work this business full-time. I am very driven. People around know I never do anything half-ass. I want it all!

Do you get requests for age play or taboo scenarios? Oh, yes, I get it all the time—people want the mommy-son experience. Are you comfortable with that? I don’t do incestuous role-play. If they ask for that, then I try to spin it where it’s more like college student-teacher. I haven’t had anybody not be okay with it.

Hindsight is 20/20, but looking back, would you have done any- thing differently?
Started sooner! But maybe I wouldn’t have been ready? I think we got into it when we were meant to get into it. And this feels right.

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